Chrono Multi-W

 24 Hour Release  Women’s Daily Multivitamin

Specially formulated for women, these revolutionary bi-layer tablets provide immediate and 24 hour sustained release of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are the only multivitamin tablets of their kind approved by Health Canada. The immediate release half of the tablet dissolves in the gastric juices of the stomach to quickly provide your body with access to a range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while the other half of the tablet releases the remaining vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants slowly and consistently using a patented, 24 hour time release technology.

60 Time-Release Tablets – 1 Month Supply

Recommended Dosage: 2 Tablets Once Daily.

 Available Early 2019 

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With Our Proprietary 24 Hour Time Release Technology

The downside of immediate release supplements, whether tablets, capsules or gelcaps, is that they often flood the body with too much of an ingredient at one time – far too much to be used over several hours before excess is ultimately excreted. We term this release of an excessive amount of vitamins, minerals or nutraceuticals at one time – “ingredient overload.” A classic example of ingredient overload – one which many of us have experienced – would be your typical multi vitamin supplement. Have you ever noticed that several hours after you take a multi vitamin tablet that your urine is bright yellow and has a heavy vitamin/mineral smell? This is due to the fact that the body could not use such a large dose of vitamins and minerals over a relatively short period of time before excess was excreted.


Readily-Absorbed Water Soluble Ingredients

Almost all vitamins and minerals (and nutraceuticals) in supplements are in pure form and most are water soluble, therefore they are easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream once the tablet dissolves in the stomach and the ingredients enter the small intestine. In about 5 to 8 hours after ingestion the human body will excrete most of the unused ingredients, which explains why your urine is bright yellow and smells much like the multi-vitamin tablet that you took just hours earlier.

Simply put, a large portion of the dose was not able to be used by the body in such a short time frame – most of the ingredients are wasted. CHRONO’s unique delivery technology solves ingredient overload.

A slow, consistent release of the dose over 24 hours allows the body to more effectively use and benefit from the ingredients within the tablet- especially readily absorbed water soluble ingredients – as opposed to supplements that release a large amount of ingredients all at once. Therefore, efficacy is also increased. In our opinion, multi vitamin supplements containing the Recommended Daily/Dietary Allowance (RDA) of ingredients should be released slowly over a longer period of time, like our CHRONO 24 hour multi vitamins, instead of all at once like virtually all other multi vitamin tablets offered today by other manufacturers. By releasing ingredients slowly over 24 hours our bodies not only utilize more of the ingredients within the tablet, which significantly increases efficacy, but we greatly minimize ingredient waste.


Every Hour for 24 Hours

Another key benefit of CHRONO is that by releasing vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals in smaller amounts over 24 hours we can mitigate possible toxicity or harmful side effects that a large, single dose of a certain ingredient might cause. For those on prescription medications, too much of a certain ingredient in your body at one time can potentially cause drug interactions. Calcium supplements, for example, can interfere with the absorption of many prescription medications (this interference is often caused by a bolus of calcium – a large amount of calcium in the stomach, GI tract or bloodstream). Here again, CHRONO’s technology can minimize or neutralize drug interactions as it releases a much smaller amount of an ingredient each hour for 24 hours versus a bolus of an ingredient all at once as most other supplements do.


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