Unlike the rest...

Chrono Protects Ingredients
in their Purest Form

Unlike the majority of supplement tablets, capsules or gelcaps sold by other manufacturers, which primarily dissolve and release their ingredients in the stomach, our chemical free, patented Chrono tablets react with the warm digestive juices in the stomach and a gel-like coating forms around the outside of the tablet.

This prevents the Chrono tablet from dissolving in the stomach and the ingredients within from being immediately released. Our technology also helps protect fragile ingredients; ingredients that, in their pure form, are often readily destroyed or degraded by stomach acid. To witness our tablets in action, simply place a Chrono tablet in warm water and leave it in the water for about 10 minutes. When you pick up the tablet you will feel not only the gel coating that has formed around it, but when compared to a dry Chrono tablet, that the wet tablet has also slightly expanded (this is due to the gel forming on the outside of the tablet).

Liniex Time-Release Technology

Actively Avoiding the Problem of Ingredient Overload

Since most other manufacturers tablets, capsules or gelcaps dissolve completely in the one to two hours they spend in the stomach, their entire ingredient load is released at once. Most supplement ingredients are in pure form (meaning they do not need to be broken down and extracted from food sources over several hours of digestion), therefore they are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream in large amounts once they enter the small intestine. With Chrono, the ingredient load inside the tablet does not get released all at once.

24-Hour Ingredient Delivery

Consistent Dosage Release

Instead, the ingredients are slowly released into the outer gel layer and this outer layer, which contains some of the ingredients, is subsequently absorbed in smaller amounts over time (similar to how your body would naturally absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food). As the Chrono tablet moves along through the small and large intestines, the tablet continues to dissolve and release it’s ingredients. The tablet simply becomes smaller and smaller, eventually dissolving completely in the latter part of the large intestine.
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