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Superior GI Tract Absorption

Food spends twice as long in the large intestine than the small intestine. The large intestine performs the vital task of absorbing water and any remaining nutrients from the GI tract. Nutrients dissolved in water or slowly dissolving in water, such as our Chrono tablets, are absorbed in the large intestine as well as the small intestine.

With virtually all other supplements made by other manufacturers, the problem is that none of their tablets, capsules or gelcaps make it even partially intact through the small intestine (most supplement ingredient absorption is in the first third of the small intestine) into the large intestine to continue to dissolve/release their ingredients like Chrono. Therefore, competitors tablets, capsules and gelcaps get very little or no uptake/absorption in the large intestine. A nutrient, vitamin, mineral, nutraceutical, or drug is not physiologically/pharmacologically considered to be inside the body until it has been absorbed into the bloodstream.

From the time you swallow a Chrono tablet until the final stage of the human digestion process, our patented Liniex technology delivers supplement nutrition.

24-Hour Liniex Technology

Solving Ingredient Overload

Depending on the individual and the foods consumed, it takes about 24 hours for food to be digested and waste excreted from the body. While the small intestine is known to be responsible for most nutrient absorption (by virtue of being narrower with millions of finger-like villi that facilitate the transport of nutrients from food and supplements into the bloodstream), make no mistake, the large intestine also absorbs its share of nutrients.
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