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One Dose.
24-Hour Release.

There has been technology invented that releases drugs for 24 hours, however, the technologies that we know do not release consistently and result in “peaks and valleys” of the drug being released. In other words, they release in such a manner that there is a spike of the drug in the bloodstream followed by a decline. Most of the current “sustained” or “extended” release supplements on the market today that we have studied release their ingredients for less than 8 hours. These supplements would still need to be taken a minimum of 3 times throughout the day and night in order to deliver vitamins, minerals and/or nutraceuticals to the body for 24 hours.

24-Hour Consistent Release

Taken Just Once a Day

CHRONO releases ingredients consistently for 24 hours from taking them just once a day. As you get to know how CHRONO works a little bit better, you’ll see that when you compare CHRONO’s formulations with the leading brands in several categories, CHRONO’s release of ingredients is dramatically different.
In fact, the vast majority of supplements available on the market today are not actually time release (TR), sustained release (SR) or extended release (ER/XR/XL), but immediate release (IR). This means that the pill releases all of the ingredients at once when it dissolves in the stomach.
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